About Server

Server's focus is to keep it as retail as possible in terms of old school gameplay.The server has a perfect system of class balancing and is already well balanced since is based on Gracia Final(L2OFF Platform).

Experience x3
Sp x3
Party Experience rate x1.5
Drop rate x3
Spoil rate x3
Quest x1 rate x3 chance
Adena x6
Enchant rate 66% retail value

1st class with Quest and Class Changer 50k
2nd class with Quest and Class Changer 500k
3rd class with Quest

Player, Summon, NPC Buff retail time.

Retail method

Olympiad period: 1 Month
Rules: Retail like

100% working skills, instances , zones , quests
Official Class balance between classes
No client limitations per IP/HWID.
Shop restrictions
Prime Shop
Vote reward system

Donations are limited. The server is designed to be completely NON P2W, every donation is accepted with the communities well being in mind and to ensure the longevity of the server.

Premium Account designed to give +20% Exp, Sp, Drop, Spoil For 1 week. You can buy "Premium Account" item through in game L2Store with 200 Points. (Points can be converted with EWCoins in User Control Panel .)

Detailed Description.

We strongly recommend to read server rules.